Sunday, May 24, 2015

Looking back at Food Revolution Day 2015

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller.

A little more than a week since the Food Revolution Day and though a part of me is happy and content that everything went off well (finally I can put up my legs on the coffee table and ponder about the beautiful memories we created together); if you were to ask me to be really really honest I am terribly missing all those days (read the last five months).

Endless planning, organizing, exchanging hundreds of emails, eating up each other heads, agreeing, disagreeing, sleepless nights because I was too excited to sleep before each of the events and those happy faces of all the little ones who made Food Revolution Day 2015 so very special.

Yes, I am missing it all. More importantly I am just missing being around all the wonderfully generous people who came together, who went out of their way and made this happen. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much said Helen Keller. So true. None of this would have happened without them.

Thank you for being part of Food Revolution Day 2015. 
Thank you for going the extra mile.

Come with me for I want to take you with me through my Food Revolution Month 2015 which is what we did here at Dubai. We celebrated the entire month and we had a blast. This is going to be a long post so I suggest you sit down with a cup of coffee :)

3rd May 2015: We began the month with 100 tiny chefs from the Indian High School dancing to the Wiggles on the 3rd of May. We squashed, we took a pledge and we asked lots of questions on why we need to eat healthy food. Finally we ate our squash it sandwiches and we loved it. 

These children were all part of the Young Chef Club at the school and some of them were even food inspectors (you read it right!) These little guys go around the junior school checking their friends’ lunch boxes!! So I decided to make these chefs/leaders in the making my partners and not just participants. They are now telling everyone about Food Revolution and have this huge responsibility on their tiny but very strong shoulders to spread the love of real food and cooking. I am so proud of them.

Thank you Principal, Indian High School for joining hands and for food educating the students. Thank you Ruby for doing this with me and thank you team Jamie’s Italian for waking up much before your work hours and becoming a part of this event.

See the full album here.

9th May 2015: Next up were the subscribers of DinnerTime. Each month I work on a menu for their subscribers as a DinnerTime Chef but the menu in the week of 10th-16th  was super special for through this menu I shared with them another part of my life; the Food Revolution part of my life. We invited everyone to cook Jamie Oliver’s Squash it Sandwich along with us so we included that as the vegetarian recipe in the box that week. It was a great feeling to see the subscribers joining millions across the globe.

Thank you Anette and the entire team at DinnerTime for agreeing to my request not just this time but always. You have always supported me and it truly brightens my day when you encourage me and indulge me like this.

15th May 2015: The big day. The global day of action. We were all up really early smashing it up at Jamie’s Italian. 100 children alongwith their parents. It was like a mad mad carnival where we played with food. There was “humble water” to drink, fruity ice popsicles to lick, a flour station to get our hands messy, pasta machines to see how fresh pasta is made and ofcourse nonstop squashing. Tattoos too. 

We took a pledge to eat more veggies and fruits, we swayed to the Food Revolution Anthem and proudly collected our certificates. 

Wearing colourful food revolution T shirts it was a like rainbow decided to show up in the desert that day.

Thank you Mansij, Luis, Anish and the entire team at Jamie’s Italian. You guys are the best. Always ready to go that extra bit. I am missing all our morning “meetings” where I felt as if I was a part of your team.

See the full album here.

16th May 2015: It was a long day but we weren’t done yet. 120 kids and their parents joined us at Lafayette Gourmet the next day. 120 workstations were ready to welcome them; recipe cards and pledge sheets, ingredients and rolling pins. 

The children tasted and tested different types of new foods (purple carrots!), made their own recipes for orange, green and pink juices, made ravioli from scratch (big hit!) and after all this took their places at their workstations. 

The atmosphere was simply amazing (read: Goosebumps inducing); 120 of them reading the pledge out aloud and squashing the veggies and fruits.

Thank you Chef Russell and the entire team at Lafayette Gourmet for believing in this event. For those 1000s of emails we exchanged, for your time and for always-always teaching the children about food (not just that day but all year round). Thank you Tony Lootah for that wonderful produce. Thank you Team Tavola for the rolling pins and more.

See the full album here.

I made such lovely memories and those of you who know me well, will know how I like to capture the little and big moments in my life. Food Revolution Day 2015 couldn’t have been complete without this rolling pin.

Before I end this post, I also want to share how everyone from media supported Food Revolution Dubai and me.

Thank you Suzanne and Linda for inviting me to Dubai Eye 103.8 and to your show and giving me chance to tell everyone at Dubai about Food Revolution. (Podcast part one here and part two here). We also made the squash it sandwich in the studio.

Today is Jamie Oliver's birthday & yesterday we had his food revolution ambassador, Prachi Grover from Dubai in our studio teaching Mohit how to make the 'SQUASH IT' sandwich in exactly 3 minutes
Posted by Radio Mirchi UAE on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thank you Mohit and Tamanna for inviting me to Radio Mirchi UAE and to your show. It was a lot of fun squashing that sandwich. Listen to the show here.

Thank you Dina & the entire team Mother Baby Child for the write up.

Thank you Cindy & Team Good Taste for sharing the events with your readers.

Thank you The Indian Trumpet for sharing Jamie’s letter with all your readers. 

Thank you Liz and the entire team at instagram for sharing my story on the Food Revolution Day with all of your followers. This was incredibly special and overwhelming. Read the complete post on their blog here.

Thank you Libby, Jo and the entire Food Revolution Team for bearing with all of us, for answering our innumerable questions and for bringing it all together. Thank you Jamie for inspiring. 

Last but not the least. Thank you parents and thank you little ones for celebrating with us. 

Keep cooking, keep trying out new things and keep making faces (because making faces and rejecting is also a part of growing up).

Give yourself a pat on your back for you are all AWESOME.

At the last event one little girl came and told me she really really had fun today and when would be the next Food Revolution Day. I whispered in her ear, guess what it is tomorrow ! That’s right. Every day is a Food Revolution Day!

Images: If you like any of the pictures on the blog and would like to use those please write to me. I put in hours of work behind each post and would love to share it with you but it would hurt me if  use those without my permission.Just ask! 


Rupal said...

I'm so happy and proud to know you - what you are doing for the kids is empowering them and that's phenomenal. Here's to more success Prachi! Cheers :D

Francesca Verrucci said...

This is great Prachi, a really amazing job!
Personally I learned a lot about Food Revolution and all the work behind through your posts and pictures, as I didn't know much before.
And I think that it is such a brilliant initiative that I will follow in future, involving my son as soon as he will be big enough.

Francesca Verrucci said...

This is great Prachi, a really amazing job!
Personally I learned a lot about Food Revolution and all the work behind through your posts and pictures, as I didn't know much before.
And I think that it is such a brilliant initiative that I will follow in future, involving my son as soon as he will be big enough.

GA said...

Well done Prachi, you should be very proud of yourself :)

orangekitchens said...

Rupal: Thank you...your are so generous with your compliments. It sure has been one crazy month but like they say every day is a Food Revolution Day.

orangekitchens said...

Francesca: So happy to hear that my posts are helping spread the word. Can't wait for your son to grow up and join us:) thanks for your kind words!

orangekitchens said...

Thank you for your words and for dropping by Geordie Armani. Means a lot to me.

Susan Ng said...

Prachi, I am SO-O smitten by your how you engaged the little food inspectors as your partners, and the impressive round up of fantastic activities the entire month! Meaningful work in your community and in your home-- I feel blessed to know such an incredible SUPER woman! Thank you Prachi-- for you truly inspire!

Susan, Toronto CAN Ambassador

Susan Ng said...

Prachi, I am So-O smitten by your involvement of the little food inspectors as partners, and your impressive round up of fantastic FRD activities the entire month! Meaningful work in your community and at home. I am blessed to know such an incredible SUPER woman-- for you truly inspire!

XO, Susan Toronto CAN Ambassador

orangekitchens said...

Susan: Oh Susan you are too kind. The feeling is mutual. Just so lucky to be working with all you incredibly passionate and talented people. Thanks for including me in your round up post :)

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