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Messy hands at Orange Kitchens

I have a little chefling at home and we love spending time in the kitchen together. Be it simply tearing the coriander leaves for our curry or helping me whisk the batter for her pancake, icing the cookies that made or choosing ingredients that would go into her smoothie. Each little task is an enriching experience for her and a great way for me to bond with her.

I really believe that children who are more involved in preparing food are more likely to try out new flavors on their plates, respect their food, respect where the food that they eat comes from and in the process wipe their plates clean.

Most times Sara does and sometimes...well she makes a face and requests for her favourite fried egg rice.

When I am cooking with her we talk about where that dish came from (history & geography & learning about different food habits), we follow a certain method (science and following instructions), we are measuring (maths), we are trying to choose the right ingredients (lessons on nutrition and using fresh produce), we share how my grandmum would always make it or how each Diwali I would eat this as a kid (getting to know her family and our traditions better)  and ofcourse each time we cook I encourage her to add her special little touch to it...replace that chive with basil, chocolate chips instead of vanilla, serve it differently (getting creative and adventurous) that is quite a lot of learning while putting together just one dish. While she thinks we are just here in for some fun!

But most importantly she learns that a dish that is made with her two little paws and that has tons of love in it brings so much happiness to her family & friends and ofcourse to her.

With all this in mind and more the idea to start food workshops for little chefs was born. I would love to share the joy that we experience together with your little munchkins.

Messy hands at Orange Kitchens

We will soon be opening registration for our workshops on our facebook page. 

Oh and if you'd like to try out the recipes that Sara and I have fun trying out or books on food that we like to read together jump right here.

Go on...instill the love for food in your child. 

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Unknown said...

I have just discovered your blog and LOVE this idea. I have 4 year old twin girls and one is turning into quite a little chefling! That fills my heart with joy. We garden together and watch our produce grow, then pick it and cook it. Nothing is more fulfilling. I'd love to hear more about getting kids more involved with food - this is also my passion. Hope to meet you in person one day :-)

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