Friday, February 6, 2015

My little chefling turns six : The Little Mermaid.

I clearly remember the day when my little chefling decided to come into our lives. Two weeks early. I called up DH in the middle of the night warning I would disown him if he didn't make it in time for the birth of our little monkey (He was travelling that night).

That day and last Saturday, 31st of January 2015.  Six beautiful years.
  • From being a part of my right arm where you spent hours sleeping to moving into your own bed
  • From not even being able to keep your head straight to becoming this young confident girl standing on the stage to recite a poem
  • From teaching you ABCs to you teaching me alif, be, te
  • From slipping your little fingers into mine to be able to walk to mastering the violin strings
  • From me picking up the hundreds of toys strewn all over your room to you asking me to sit down while you set the dinner table
  • From me feeding you apple puree to you making me a sandwich 
  • From me planning your birthday parties to you announcing the theme for your next
  • From pinafores and baby rompers to princess gowns and jeans
  • From pink soft booties to silver ballerinas
  • From soft baby hair pony tails complete with ribbon to long glossy untamed hair you wanting to always leave open
  • From not leaving my hand for even a second to running away without looking back when seeing friends
  • From mamma surprising you with lunch box notes to you leaving me a card for all of my special days
  • From me tying your shoe laces to you asking me to change my heels for the other ones looked prettier
  • From scribbling on papers to painting a canvas for our room
  • From me asking you what you did at school to you coming back and inquiring how was my day
  • From ten page board books to eighty pages stories
  • From having tea parties with dolls to hosting your own real ones 
  • From being a pint size to now reaching my waist and very proudly so
  • From being my little baby to being my partner in crime
  • From Dora and Barney to princesses and mermaids
To happy and tearful memories of the past, to precious moments of today and to all the unseens of tomorrow.

Happy Happy Birthday to you. My little chefling. You'll always be my little girl.

Always be your funny, mad, curious self. Always leave some room in your heart for the unimaginable. Always believe in mermaids and secrets that come in a bottle.

The girl has moved from pink to blue. From butterflies fluttering in the sky to mermaids swimming in the sea. 

It had to be a mermaid party. 

I was happy to oblige. Enough pink for the last five years. Bring on the blue.

Like each year we kept it small. She was surrounded by the the friends she loves, in the company of her family and we hosted it at home.
Whats a mermaid party without treasure bottles with secret messages inside.
So the invitations were mermaid treasure bottles. With tricoloured sand, a scroll carrying the invitation, a tiny blue star for every mermaid needs some sparkle and a name tag with a ribbon to complete it.
Tons of blue balloons and paper flowers that I handcrafted were decor. 
I also put together this shadow box with one of my favourite quotes that I just mentioned above. A bottle similar to the invitation, some shells and loads of sparkly white and blue stars. A shadow box is such a great and versatile medium to personalize any wall and makes for a pretty centerpiece too, Isn't it?
We welcomed the tiny mermaids and the pirates with this rubber tube on our front door or the "mermaid wreath" as Sara likes to call it.
Once everyone settled down a bit the mermaids and the pirates played three games. 
The first one was a take on pin the tail. Pin the fin. The little guests were blindfolded and were handed a fin each and then asked to pin the fin. I did cheat a little to ensure that each one did it correctly and won themselves a sea creature note pad. Can't have disappointed upset faces on such a happy day, can we? We can keep fairness aside for today :)

For this I used a free printable of a mermaid and added a personal touch to it by adding glitter to her tail, a tiara on her head and a moon for the night sky. A rock made with some white sand and some starfishes completed the picture.
The second game was take on the very popular limbo. We played under the sea limbo. I printed and cut out pictures of several sea organisms and the kids were asked to pick one from the lot. They then had to enact like the sea organism on their chit and go under the sea waves. We played the song "Under the sea" from the movie The Little Mermaid. 

This was such a happy game to play. The children were in giggles seeing their friends become jellyfish, octopus, dolphin and more. 

For this game I saved a brown paper tube the one that comes with giftwrap rolls and covered it with a white crepe streamer. On that were added several white and blue "waves" made from white and blue streamers. I twisted each of the streamers after every two inches so that the final thing looked twirly and wavey. This can take time but trust me it looked really pretty.

The mermaids got mermaid artprints to colour as prizes.
The third and final game was treasure hunt in the sand pit. Since we had the party at home, the sandpit was this container. Each mermaid/pirate had to find one fish eraser, one glitter box and a pair of blue rubber bands ( replaced with little dinosaurs for the boys).

After three games and some free play the kids were hungry. So we brought out the cake and served some kid friendly party nibbles.
Cake is one thing that I never even attempt to make for Sara's Birthday. My cakes can be best described as "rustic" :) not acceptable by little children who want pretty mermaids.
Elna from Cake Witch made this beauty. Multiple shades of blue, ruffles for waves and my little girl sitting there on the top as the little mermaid. Thank you Elna you made our day truly special.

The menu for the party was:
  • Star fishes (star fish shaped sandwiches with grated carrot, cucumber and cream cheese filling)
  • Conch shells (shell shape pasta with red sauce made with tomatoes, carrots, celery and leeks)
  • Mermaid rocks (puff pastry vol au vents with a corn pesto filling)
  • Seaweed (green grape mini skewers)
  • Oysters with pearls (homemade butter cookies with a light blue frosting and white buttons for pearls)
  • Shark's teeth (Mini cheese triangles)
  • Seawaves (Store bought  multigrain waves with homemade yoghurt dip)
  • Goldfish (well..just because and the kids didn't touch these..don't know whether to be happy or sad :)))
  • Mermaid magic potion (orange and mango juice)
  • Seawater (water)

We had quite a splash that day and Sara thanked her little guests with these blue beach buckets.
Each bucket carried a little thank you note that read "May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your toes".
The last activity of the day was the pinata for which I took a paper lantern and added white and blue crepe steamers (pinched every two inches) to resemble the tentacles of the jelly fish. We filled it up lots of little goodies.
The party could not have been complete without the yearly ritual of asking the guests to write down a little something for Sara for us and her to look at and smile years later. Each year right from her first birthday this is something that I always look forward to.

With that the FIN-tastic evening came to an end and like each year my little girl has already started the countdown for her next one :))

Before I bring this super long post to an end a quote Sebastian from The Little Mermaid is a must.

"You've got your own style, 
now let it shine through 
and remember no matter what, 
you got to be you". 

Birthdays from the past: First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth

Images: If you like any of the pictures on the blog and would like to use those please write to me. I put in hours of work behind each post and would love to share it with you but it would hurt me if  use those without my permission.Just ask! 


Abigail said...

Happy Birthday Little Chefling Mermaid!

My Kitchen Life said...

It's was nice reading. Mwish you many many happy birthdays dear :-)

Anonymous said...

Wish you many many happy birthdays dear. Nice post

Sharon said...

Wow! Happy bday (not so) little Sara! Prachi, you sure know how to do the kiddy party right!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. A very happy belated birthday Little Chefling. God bless xx

IshitaUnblogged said...

Love for Little Chefling... but hats off to the Mama!

orangekitchens said...

Thanks Abigail :)

orangekitchens said...

Thank you My Kitchen Life :)

orangekitchens said...

Thanks the recipe writer :) Glad you enjoyed the post.

orangekitchens said...

Thank you Sharon. Yes not so little anymore. Ha ha..thanks I wait for this all year ofcourse madame has her own list of parties she wants to throw during the year !

orangekitchens said...

Thanks thoughtsoverchai :)

orangekitchens said...

Thanks Ishita :) Mama gets to live the life of party planner thanks to her :)

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

It's incredible the amount of detail you've put into continuing the mermaid theme, your little one is very very lucky! I particularly love the mermaid rock nibbles!

benilhalk said...
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benilhalk said...

Awesome birthday party! The decoration for this party is so fabulous. You are way too talented. Truly you did a great job with this party. I will definitely try to use your party ideas in my daughter’s birthday party that we are thinking to celebrate at the outdoor space Miami events venue.

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