Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Playing with food: This time with Lego.

If this is not your first time here then you know that Sara and I enjoy playing with food. But this time around it was me who really "played". Let me explain.

A dear friend's adorable son recently celebrated his 5th birthday and like most children his age he is crazy about Lego. My friend spent many sleepless nights planning the minutest details of his birthday. As the day approached she turned into a momzilla much to my amusement. 

  • Customized Lego card shot and made by her. Check.
  • Balloons, lanterns all in Lego colours. Check. 
  • Pearl pet yellow jars painted as Lego heads for return gifts. Check. 
  • Bottle labels, food tags, name tags. Check
  • Colour coordinated plates,spoons and forks. Check.
  • And since no Lego birthday is complete without a Lego cake. Check.

It was a beautiful birthday where everything was handcrafted with love. I spent many days thinking what to give this pint sized boy and finally came up with this.

A piñata cake and art for his room.

Note: If you want to make both the cake and the artwork I recommend buying two small Lego Kits for you are going to need lots of them. You will see how. Mine came with enough pieces that I assembled into two bikes, three minifigures and lots of tiny bricks and bits which were used as well.

Before I get into details of what I put together for him let me show you this note for proof that baking this cake & making these artworks makes you into super cool aunt.

I seriously can't remember when was the last time I got a handwritten I love you from a boy. DH listening?

A Kit Kat Piñata Cake (my take on the famous Kit Kat cake) 

Serves 4 little kids and their mums. Also guarantees to make the birthday boy super excited and all the other kids delirious with the sugar overload.


A cake of your choice
Chocolate frosting (I used about half a cup to cover mine)
KitKat bars (Will depend on the size of the cake. I used 17 bars)
Enough M&M's to cover the cake (I used about a cup)
Ribbon to tie around

Two Lego miniature bikes which I had so much fun assembling  or any miniatures of your choice. Sara has already asked me for this cake with something sparkly inside. I think it will be butterflies and fairies.


1. Bake a cake of your choice. I baked a banana loaf and chose to go the loaf route instead of the usual round one for Lego bricks are usually rectangular or square.

2. Allow it to cool and come down to room temperature. This is very important else when you attempt to hollow it out it will crumble.

3. Leave about one inch from either side and start carving the top with a knife (don't cut in very deep). Essentially you are cutting out the "lid of the box". It won't come out in a single piece which is fine for the frosting will hide all of that mess. Don't worry.

4. After taking out of the lid (mine came out in three pieces start emptying out your "box". All that leftover cake can be used for a trifle pudding or cake pops or like me you could finish it off then and there; since you are working so hard.
5. At this point assemble the bikes or any toy/s that you'd like to hide in the "box" and cover it with cling film. I did this for two reasons. One, I didn't want all the chocolate frosting to land on the toy (that is when its cut) and more importantly with toys like these come with tiny pieces and there is a possibility that some pieces can come apart while cutting. Wrapping in clingfilm made it safe. I also added a foil "carpet" underneath the toys.
6. Put the "lid" back and cover the entire cake with a frosting of your choice with the help of a silicone spatula (I made chocolate).

7. Stick the Kit Kat bars all around (The frosting acts as the glue).Try to keep them really close to each other.
8. The Kit Kat "boundary wall" that you just created will be taller than your cake. Now open that packet of M&M and get ready for a M&M shower. Fill it up completely.
9. Tie a ribbon around it and finish with a bow.
10. Wait for the birthday boy/girl and his/her friends to arrive and then act worried when he/she can't cut through the cake.
11. Watch him/her scream with excitement when he/she discovers there are toys inside. Warning: All the other kids and their mums will begin to scream as well.
12. At this point, if you have a daughter like mine she will raise her eyebrows and ask, "how come you never made this for me?"
13. Reassure her that you still love her and promise to make one for her too.
14. Prepare yourself for hourly reminders from her till you actually make one.
Like I mentioned earlier, I also crafted some Lego art for his room. Remember those kits I bought, the rest of the pieces went in here.
"Lego Miniature" Artwork.
The first one I put together was a pretty simply one. Three Lego minifigures, three bricks for the minatures to stand on, some handmade paper, strong glue and a frame to bring it all together. Only the bricks have been glued on to the frame and not the miniatures so that one, the child can pluck the figures from the brick whenever he/she wants to play with it and doesn't sulk that the figures are affixed to the frame. Two, he/she can keep changing the figures on the wall and alter the look of the frame. So you can have a "new" artwork everyday.

"Lego Patent" Artwork

The Lego patent expired in 1989 and did you know that you can download the same and use it for personal projects? This is exactly what I did for the second artwork. I thought it would be an interesting piece of information to have on his wall and this would encourage him to get to learn more about Lego. So I printed it on some handmade paper and glued some bits and pieces left from the 2 Lego kits.

"Lego bricks fits but you don't need to" Artwork.
This one is my favorite and I think his mum's too. She messaged me later that she tried very hard to control her tears upon seeing it; for Karl is not only exceptionally talented but also very different from most boys his age and as parents they always encourage him to explore that side of his. Lego is all about fitting perfectly and I wanted that little boy to know that it isn't always about fitting. Sometimes it is about standing out because some people are meant to. Some lives are meant to. 
For this artwork, I printed out one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss and added a "5" made up of bricks (for he was turning five) and some more bits and pieces.He may have not understood my take on Lego that day, but one day I am sure he will.
And on that note, I am going to end my rather long post on this tiny person. 

Images : Personal Album. While you enjoy reading this post with visuals.Please do not use them without asking. They belong to Orange Kitchens unless otherwise stated. 


Parul Mathur said...

Wow Prachi I am always awestruck by your creative genius!!

orangekitchens said...

Thank you Parul. You are too kind. It is always a pleasure to see you here:)

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