Monday, March 10, 2014

Painting plates with food.

Sara and I like to "play" with our food. Mostly during snack time or over the weekends when there is enough time to indulge in a lazy breakfast. A snowman made up of boiled eggs, a forest full of broccoli trees, a cookie spider, an elephant with a banana for the get the drift. It makes snack time so much more fun. There is a sense of pride in putting that owl together (made with a slice of pineapple) and eating your creation; I can see it in her eyes. Plus she is being exposed to different kinds of food, feeling the different textures, trying out new foods that she previously rejected (because the nose will be perfect only when made with a caper) and ofcourse she is being creative in the kitchen.

For those fun times on the dinner table when we like to "paint" our plates with food, I am loving these plate options for they come with art work that the kid can use as a starting point especially when you've run out of ideas! (Also good if you have a picky eater at home).

Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski designed these amazingly creative ceramic plates and produces them to order.  Won't it be fun to make and eat your art! I'd love that mountain of cheese please.
If you'd like to encourage your little ones to make their own plate here is an easy tutorial for them to make their "happily ever after" storybook plate. This is one DIY project that I'd love to do with my little chefling.
From the arty to the comical.These food faces plates are making me chuckle. 

Which child wouldn't like to eat boiled eggs bright eyes or a lettuce headgear?
I know mine would love it!
Ms. Food Face Mr.Food Face is here to give you company
Mashed potato beard, anyone? 
Feeding peas should be easy when they come in the form of a hat and a moustache!

The last one, just because.

I am lurving this one and I know it has got nothing to do with playing with food but how adorable is it for the children to have their very own personalized plates.
You have the option of selecting the background colour, skin tone, hair style and colour, shape and colour of the eyes and even their expression. And ofcourse add their name. The kids will have a tough time saying no to food put on this plate.
Sara has been obsessed with ballet for over two years now. 
Won't it be cute to have her on a plate wearing a tutu?

Do you and your kidlet play with food? I'd love to hear.

Images : here, herehere and here

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