Monday, May 27, 2013

Marshmallow Pops for when they are bored.

There are days when you have done it all. Reading story books, solving puzzles, making castles with wooden bricks, making origami butterflies, painting butterflies, dressing up as a get the idea...don't you? And still your little butterfly says I am bored! Summer holidays, anyone?

That's when you keep her busy and super happy by asking her to make Marshmallow Pops for her and you. 

Poke, Dunk,Coat. Three simple steps.
  1. Poke the marshmallows with lollipop sticks. I didn't have lollipop sticks the day Sara made them. So we just used some spaghetti. Be creative!
  2. Dunk them in a bowl of melted dark chocolate. Behave like a mature adult and resist the temptation of dunking your fingers into it and licking them clean. It's the marshmallows we need to dip NOT your fingers. Again use whatever chocolate you have on hand. White chocolate, milk chocolate, candy melts. Dip them halfway like we did or all the way to cover them completely.
  3. Coat them with whatever you have in hand. Really. Sprinkles,crushed candy/cookies/nuts/candied fruit bits.Chocolate and red chilli flakes sound good as well. Hmm...will give it a try.
  4. Get ready for the sugar rush. In no time she will be jumping off the wall and will make you go mad (Yes, I very conveniently forgot to mention the last step).
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