Monday, May 7, 2012

My little chef's cookbook collection

I have been reminding myself that I need to fulfil a promise I made to you several months back. Cookbook reviews. It was way back in February that I shared (and embarrassed myself in public) my precious cookbook/food memoir collection.  In the same post I also wrote that I would be talking about how each of these books has influenced my cooking style and my life in general (since most of it in any case revolves around food).

I have been struggling with it. Really. Sometimes it’s genuinely difficult for me to choose where to begin from and sometimes I have been plain lazy.

Which is when I thought, let me begin the review series with food bookthat a certain lady is very fond of. Of course she is very clear that the Nigella ones and all the baking books that her mum owns are her favourite. But when it comes to her cookbook collection (yes, she has her very own collection too!) the ones that I am talking about are her current favourites. And just like mum she likes to read her "cookbooks" at bedtime too :)

These books by Amy Wilson Sanger are a great read if like me you have a toddler at home who loves to "cook" in her "kitchen". These books are a great way to introduce them to cuisines of different countries. They have a very simple storyline, rhyming text and lovely bright illustrations to go with it. The books even have the correct meanings of all the unfamiliar words on its back cover and correct pronunciations too. 

Some of her favorite bits from the three books are:
  • "A big burrito almost wider than my mouth". This is where she opens her mouth as wide as she can.
  • "Miso in my sippy cup,tofu in my bowl". Both of us love singing this bit, I have no  clue why. May be the idea of miso in her sippy cup is what I find amusing.
  • At last my tummy's full from all these "little bits of heart" and this is where she likes to touch her tummy and fall on the bed as if she just finished eating a meal the size of an elephant.
We also like to have the occasional dimsum, tortilla and some sushi while reading these.

About Amy Wilson Sanger: She is the creator of the Tricycle's best selling World Snacks Series for toddlers and lives with her family in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Other books by her: Let's Nosh, Mangia Mangia, A little bit of soul food, Chaat and sweets, 

Till next time, Adios my green amigo!

p.s. I am also going to be introducing a new page on the blog that will talk about books that revolve around food and are great for toddlers who are adventurous foodies. Essentially food books that Sara enjoys reading. Hope to see you there:)

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